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Personal PR from manager to actor

    One of the important areas of work of our PR agency is active and professional building of relations with the media. During our work, we have published a large number of investigations, analytical and political articles. The ideas voiced through federal channels and radio stations, our clients were able to put into practice. In our work, we use modern political PR, which is based on our copyright technologies. We take into account all the latest realities and trends of the Russian state.

    The political technologies and models we have developed in practice prove their real effectiveness.

    Many unscrupulous politicians have lost their positions, and many have acquired and are working for their people, impeccably and honestly.

    Services of political strategists, sociologists, ideologists

    Our political strategists implement the set PR tasks, taking into account the modern realities of the information space. Our staff includes highly qualified political strategists, image makers, sociologists and other PR professionals who have extensive practical experience in conducting election campaigns.

    Agency services in the field of political PR:

    • development of public organizations;
    • Political Party building;
    • creation of an electoral headquarters;
    • research, monitoring, analytics;
    • development of an electoral campaign strategy;
    • PR support of candidates;
    • speechwriting;
    • work with the media: briefings, press conferences;
    • production and placement of promotional materials;
    • organization of PR events: meetings with voters, citywide events, rallies, pickets, actions, flash mobs;
    • selection of experienced political strategists in accordance with the goals and objectives;
    • as well as other services for political PR.

    In the period between elections, we undertake:

    • Media PR
    • Reputational PR
    • Trade PR
    • Personal PR
    • Social PR
    • Anti-crisis PR

    Parties and candidates supported by Oleg Maltsev’s PR agency win!