Social PR

We form the concept of advertising

We establish communications between corporations and people

We help in creating an attractive image of companies involved in social services to citizens.

    We invite the heads of enterprises responsible for the welfare and development of society to use the social PR service. In Russia, its pace of development has been slowed down due to the unwillingness of the state and commercial firms to sponsor PR in the social sphere. The PR agency of Oleg Maltsev is actively promoting this direction. We understand that social PR advertising is important for the development of society, makes it tolerant, able to empathize and improve the situation in society.


    We increase the demand for public projects:

    • we help to create an attractive image of companies participating in social services of citizens;
    • we form channels of communication with people through which the problems of citizens and ways of solving them are broadcast;
    • our PR in the social sphere motivates the staff to work, positions the state or public organization as an important participant in the processes taking place in society.

    The main task of implementing social PR projects is the formation of trust in the association or company.


    Despite the skeptical attitude of members of the public to this kind of service promotion, social PR marketing from our agency has already shown results. With the help of PR actions in this area, we manage to fight drug addiction and crime, introduce and advertise new medical methods and solutions in the field of digital technologies.

    We promote educational projects, organize sports competitions, develop the transport sector, pay attention to cultural events.

    We perform sponsorship functions, help raise funds to help sick children, disabled people, and other categories of the Russian population. We establish communications between organizations and citizens in order to convey the most useful information to them.

    We create a positive image of service organizations and non-profit companies, which they lost in the process of communicating with customers.